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Transfer data to and from:. Use your iPhone, iPod or iPad as an external drive. Yes, that's possible! No need to go through iTunes, no iCloud, and no jailbreak required. From any Mac and PC, you can securely transfer your work files, family pictures, and music. Not required :. Browse and transfer files and documents between your iPhone and your computer. Powerful and user-friendly, iMazing works on Mac and Windows.

Latest Version: 2. Updated on Oct 30, Latest Version: 2. Updated on Oct 30, I have been using this app extensively over the past few months.

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It has provided me with access to my phone, older iPods, my kids iPod. It works very effectively.

You can find several FTP apps for a cool zero dollars. They don't tend to be as feature-rich as the paid apps we'll discuss later, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're a poor choice.

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Let's just say there's a reason people make, sell, and use third-party apps. But in my tests, this ran relatively slowly, and I could download files but not upload them. Unless you're desperate, consider other options. FileZilla is an open-source, cross-platform app, and that means exactly what you think it does: a boxy, utilitarian, non-Mac-like interface designed by professional programmers, for professional programmers. Getting around FileZilla may be rational, but it isn't pretty.

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The program works admirably fast when uploading or downloading your files, but that's about all it has in its favor. It won't remember your server passwords from one session to the next, which can be a real pain with a long, complex password. And its ridiculous update system, which downloads an entirely new copy of the app, then obliges you to copy it manually into the Applications folder every time a new version rolls out, would be less obnoxious if it didn't seem to roll out new updates every five minutes.

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  • It also offers the ability to synch up a local and remote directory, a powerful feature more often found in paid apps. Rather than use two panes — one showing a folder on your local computer, the other showing the remote directory to which you've connected, so that you can easily drag and drop files between the two — Cyberduck's single pane obliges you to drag files to and from a separate Finder window, a needless bit of extra hassle. If you're going to pay for an FTP client, you have better choices than this one. Free - Download now. This isn't one of those better choices I mentioned above.

    The opening screen for this junior version of a fuller-featured app features a cheesy come-on for both its paid big sibling and a selection of other low-rent apps from the same company.

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    Any bad vibes you get from that welcome quickly multiply once you're in the app itself. But the interface is a dud, transfers feel sluggish, and in my tests, the app once crashed entirely while trying to open a new connection. ForkLift's creators are giving version 2 away for free on the App Store to promote their newer version 3, which we'll get to later in this roundup. But version 2's nothing to sneeze at. It offers respectable though not amazing transfer speeds, and a clean, Mac-like interface I found intuitive and appealing.

    You definitely get what you pay for: Neither ForkLift version will remember your server passwords or store them in the Keychain, and in ForkLift 2, Droplets — a mini-app that lets you transfer files to a specific destination just by dragging and dropping files onto it, without opening ForkLift itself — just didn't seem to work. Still, if you need a free app simply to move files to and from an FTP server, you could do a whole lot worse than this. If you actually shell out money for a file-transfer app, expect fancier features such as more connection options, droplets, and sophisticated synch abilities.

    But while on average , paid apps work better than free ones, some are far more worth paying for than others. You can download Commander One for free as a file manager and replacement for the Finder, with potent searching and sorting powers. But while it's written entirely in Swift for maximum Mac-friendliness, Commander One suffers from an interface that's more or less intuitive, but too crowded and boxy to appeal to most users. I also found its transfer speeds middling at best. The free service supports an upload limit of 50MB per file. The popular file hoster provides its users an infrastructure which enables them to save their electronic files on Internet servers.

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    RapidShare treats all saved files as confidential and does not scan or open the files without users consent. The services provided by RapidShare are essentially free-of-charge and require only a registration by the user. DepositFiles is a well-known service to people from different occupations students, businessman, home-business operators, etc. It allows uploading and downloading of files up to 2GB without any charges and requires no registration for this purpose.

    Any user who complies with terms of service and user agreement and does not violate the laws is free to store files for a period of 30 days 90 days for the registered users. Box lets you store all of your content online so that you can access, manage and share it from anywhere. It can integrate with Google Apps and can even be accessed on mobile devices. The latest version offers much new collaboration and real-time notification features. Its interface is simpler and faster and provides a better experience for interacting with content. Le t us know which one is your favorite or if you have any other recommendations to make!

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