Setting up time machine on new mac

With a bootable clone of your drive, you can boot from your backup in minutes and keep working even if your Mac is having startup problems. We want to make sure backing up is as automatic and as easy as possible, so either program is well worth the investment. Both cloning apps have plenty of fans, so it's really a matter of preference here; both SuperDuper!

And Carbon Copy Cloner offer free trials so you can figure out which one you prefer. The examples below use SuperDuper! Here's how to create your bootable, complete backup.

Time Machine Mac: What It Is, How It Works, How to Use It

After installing and launching the cloning app, you'll need to choose where to store the backup. In the left drop-down menu, choose your Mac volume to back up.

Then choose the destination volume in the right drop-down menu. You can back up to an external drive, networked computer, or an image file which you can store on a network volume or locally.

How to restore a Time Machine backup on a new Mac

You can even store both your Time Machine and cloned images on the same drive, but it's best to first partition the drive into two volumes, one for each purpose so that both can manage their allotted backup space. Personally, I prefer to have both on separate drives, to avoid having all the backups in the same basket. Choose "Backup-all files" for your complete and bootable backup of your system. Rather, it backs up just the Home directories of the accounts on your computer.

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If you click the "Options…" button, you'll be able to specify whether you want the computer to repair permissions for your files before cloning them leave unchecked by default and what you want the program to do during the copy process. This will erase the destination volume at the start to ensure the result is an exact copy.

Check software, settings, and power

The other options let you do incremental backups which will save you time. You could just hit the "Copy Now" button to create your clone, but, again, because we want to set up automated backups, we'll hit the "Schedule…" button instead. In the scheduling screen, you tell the app when you want the backups to run. After reviewing your choices, click "OK" and you're done. The program will automatically make bootable copies of your Mac on the schedule you chose, deleting older backups on the same drive if you run out of space.

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Toggle navigation. You have valuable data residing on your computer From irreplaceable family photos to the presentation you're working on, they all need to be protected.

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How To Setup and Use macOS and OSX Time Machine [GUIDE]

At this point, the Mac should be ready for you to use. You can login to your user account and begin to test its applications and install appropriate updates. Follow the instructions listed in the Preparation phase of Scenario 1 — Setup Assistant. At the end of this preparation stage your backup hard drive, containing a recent backup of your current Mac should be connected to your brand new Mac.

Turn on its bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse, if it has these peripherals. Plug an ethernet cord into the back of your Mac, if you use one.

How to Set Up Time Machine on Your Mac

Connect your backup hard drive to your new Mac. Keep reading. The Setup Assistant will display a series of questions. You will be asked to connect your Mac to your wireless network You will be asked if you want to transfer data from another Mac or a backup of a mac. Select this option.