How to record screen on mac

Calling ScreenFlow a screen recorder is like referring to Mount Everest as a sandcastle.

Not only can you record from multiple monitors, but you can choose to record from your webcam and connected iOS device simultaneously. Here's how to easily make your own. Read More.

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Recorded media from all sources then saves to a single timeline where you can turn the raw footage into a professional-grade video quickly and easily. Annotations, callouts, and video motions are at your fingertips in an easy-to-use interface. Perhaps having a fully fledged video editor is overkill for your use case. Snagit combines some of the best screen recording features in a simple interface. Snagit also allows you to record audio; you can view your past recordings and tag them for finding them quickly in the future.

Snagit features a powerful image editor with a vast library of assets to annotate your images on the fly. One handy feature is the ability to export a video as a GIF with a single click from the preview screen.

Snagit is perfect if your focus is getting good-enough screen recordings that will probably have a short shelf life. Camtasia has been around since , which makes it a screen recording veteran. While Snagit focuses on quickly recording and exporting, Camtasia is a beefier screen recorder with a fully featured video editor.

2-in-1 screen recording software for Mac: a screen recorder and video editor

The first time you start Camtasia, it loads a sample project with a handy video tutorial. The app offers screen recordings from multiple sources, and records audio from both a mic or the system. It includes beautifully designed annotations, callouts, transitions, and visual effects. Since these are all drag-and-drop, you can apply and customize them in a matter of seconds.

Camtasia also makes quick work of adding clicks, keystrokes, spotlights, and zooms so viewers can easily follow along with the instructor. Like ScreenFlow, this app does come with a significant cost.

Use Shift-Command-5 in macOS Mojave

Take no action or swipe the thumbnail to the right and the recording is automatically saved. Click the thumbnail to open the recording. Drag the thumbnail to move the recording to another location, such as to a document, an email, a Finder window, or the Trash. Control-click the thumbnail for more options. For example, you can change the save location, open the recording in an app, or delete the recording without saving it.

How to screenshot and screen record on an iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Change the settings Click Options in the onscreen controls to change these settings: Save to: Choose where your recordings are automatically saved, such as Desktop, Documents, or Clipboard. Choose when to begin recording: To record your voice or other audio along with your recording, choose a microphone. Show Floating Thumbnail: Choose whether to show the thumbnail. Remember Last Selection: Choose whether to default to the selections you made the last time you used this tool.

First, we have ApowerREC. It is a powerful screen recorder for Mac which can record all the activities you do on your screen, including live streaming, video chatting, and gameplay and so on. It can also record the webcam and audio together with your computer screen. Furthermore, you can add texts, draw shapes, lines, arrows, figures and many more while recording. Besides, this software can record your screen even you are not in front of your computer by using the task scheduler function.

Easy ways to take a screenshot and record video on Mac

With this software, beginner can make a recording because of its simple and easy to use interface. Here is a detailed guide on how to record macOS High Sierra screen with this recorder. This is a free video player on macOS developed by Apple Inc. It is capable of playing video and audio files. Also, users can create and edit movies effortlessly.

Follow this guide to record your macOS using this software.

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It is also easy to do screen recording on macOS High Sierra This is a versatile web-based tool which can grab your computer screen while you are having a video calls with your loved ones, playing games, doing video demonstrations, and so on and so forth. Aside from that, you can save the recorded video on your Mac or upload it to cloud for free. See the steps below. All of these tools will be beneficial to you.

How to grab a screenshot on Mac