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I've always used firefox browser. Hmm did you try to switch to chrome then? I think that will work if you are using firefox try to open your account on different browser that might work in your case.. I've tried this on Mac os x The tips about the problem being firewall or antivirus related are incorrect. Yahoo mail is the culprit and they yahoo are taking their sweet time to fix it. As you probably know, Yahoo isn't in the best business shape theses days so don't be surprised if this never gets fixed and even gets worse.

However, I am able to use my inbox and download the attachments from Chrome. Downloading an attachment takes 2 clicks. To download an attachment first click Save , then underneath click the Download File: link after that attachment has been scanned by Yahoo. Last edited: Nov 22, If you still can not download your attachment with any web browser, try using a mail program on your computer, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, to get the attachment out of your Yahoo Mail account: Can I use thunderbird with Yahoo Mail?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Want to reply or ask your own question? It only takes a minute to sign up and it's free! Click the orange sign up button to choose a username and then you can ask your own questions on the forum. Sign Up Now! Just from certain people sending them. PDF Documents Jpgs from particular clients are all stuck not downloading. If I ask my client to send the attachments to my gmail account, I can then go to Gmail through my browser to download the attachments.

I have tried going to mail on iCloud. All started happening after upgrading to high sierra and iOS I have an iPad still on iOS10, but the same emails with attachments are still stuck. Oct 30, PM. I have the same problem as the others who have posted about this issue. If an email comes to the Apple Mail primary inbox, I can open the attachment.

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However, if goes to one of my rules designated local mailboxes, the file icon says "downloading" but the file cannot ever be opened. If I turn off the rule and the document is the originator re-sends the email and attachment and it stays in the primary inbox then I can open it. Hopefully, this bug can be corrected soon. I have a lot of rules set up and I receive a lot of attachments, so this is a major issue for me.

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It did not exist before I installed High Sierra. I have updated to Nov 6, AM. Oct 31, AM in response to gillento In response to gillento.

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I think, with me, the problem MIGHT be caused by a rule in Apple Mail, copying mail messages from one IMAP mail account inbox into the folder of a different mail account and moving it into a local folder. Oct 31, AM. Nov 10, AM in response to gillento In response to gillento. Apple, let's see some QA here. Why do i feel Steve would not let this have happened? Nov 10, AM.

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Nov 5, AM in response to gillento In response to gillento. I am having this precise issue -- thanks for bringing it up.

How to troubleshoot the issue when Mozilla® Firefox won't download any attachments from Yahoo!® Mail

I check three accounts through Mail and, since upgrading to High Sierra, attachments to my work account go through fine, but ones in my Gmail and Yahoo accounts never download. The icon is there with a progress bar that says "downloading" but it never does. Nov 5, AM.

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    I think you might be on to something I use rules a lot in mail. I have turned the majority off, and it does seem to work. Nov 1, PM. I've been playing with this a lot and it is only attachments to messages that are filtered through rules; all others make it fine. I submitted a bug report and referenced this discussion, so fingers crossed for the next iteration.