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METAL PARA FORRÓ (Configurando o Session Horns Pro) LINK ATUALIZADO

Section 1: Section 1: Introduction. What to do next.

Embed Video. Embed this video in a blog, forum post, or webpage. Gee Mann wrote on December 4, Great course.

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Matt will get you use and using Session Horns quickly and effectively. He also give you tips on how to use the sample in specific styles. A very good strait forward tutorial. I made me understand the program and showed me some possibilities.

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Could use a follow up in the form of how to use the program in a production. But a very good tutorial never the less.

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Brock wrote on July 16, Session Horns Pro has been a great introduction course covering it's implementation in Kontakt 5. The tutorial covers the overall structure of the software.

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I would like to see some performance videos or more in-depth information on horns in regards to the perspective and knowledge of a bedroom type music producer. Overall, it did what was expected, and could lead into a great next level course!

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RoKS wrote on July 5, An excellent introduction to Session Horns Pro. Matt's comprehensive overview opened a lot of doors for me in the program.

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Some things I would have completely missed. Many thanks! And I agree, this is an instrument that requires some dedicated practice to play convincingly. But the results are wonderful.

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Nice chops on the board.. Ru Binkis wrote on June 20, This guy is so good at explaining these instruments, i keep walking away from his courses feeling like i know everything. Itamar wrote on May 24, Excellent tutorial to fully understand the basics of the program and also valuable expert tips. Derry Etkins wrote on May 18, I enjoyed watching this course. Matt knows this instrument, and explained its capabilities well.