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Videobox allows you to quickly and easily download Flash video from most of the popular video source sites on the internet. Videobox will convert the target video into a native Quicktime format so it's ready to view on your Mac, iPod, iPhone or iTunes. Compatible with Replaced by VideoboxPro. Musicbox will download songs from your favorite music websites, convert them into a native mp3 format and import them into your itunes library so they are ready to play on your Mac, iPod or iPhone. Included in VideoboxPro. Web Snapper lets you capture web pages - exactly as they appear in your browser.

You can send them to a file, as images or vector-based, multi-page PDFs. The best solution is to use a Firefox addon.

One of the better ones I know of is called VideoDownloadHelper. Actually downloads and converts and it's cross platform since it uses Firefox as its home. Save your money. It's free. I don't feel like figuring out when it's required given it's am and i've been up all night. But you need to hold the option key when you double click the file in some cases to donload flash videos this should work for all embedded flash videos. If you don't, the file may open in the browser and not download it. How do I change that?

I also figured a way to do this in Firefox with Firebug. I know there are other plugins, but they break now and then when Youtube changes, this technique does not. When I open up the Activity window, double click on the link, it open up a window and start playing the movie instead of downloading to my computer. Did I miss a step or did I do something wrong?

How to Free Download YouTube Videos onto Mac OS X Mountain Lion

I must be the video dummy because I cannot get this to work. I am trying to download video to add to a MAC powerpoint presentation.

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Any ideas? Press the option key when you double-click, and it downloads to your "downloads" folder. On Snow Leopard I think it usually comes up as "videoplayback. I have been using this for a while and it worked but a about month ago my version of safari was updated to version 4.

With none of the programs I have on my mac can I open these files. Cant someone help me? When the video downloaded, I changed the "videoplayback" to "Free. When I did this, the video opened. The only problem is that it opened an info vid. Double-clicking on the file in Activity Window stopped working. Option-Click did activate the video download.

File was videoplayback. Wow that was easy enough, I've been looking for an extension or service that lets you download mp4 files, just copy and paste. Very Nice. You can also use zamzar. Here is a guide about how to download youtube video for free on mac with vixy. Facebook, Metacafe video download supported too. I am unable to rename the downloaded content. Hi there.

Mac OS X App to Download and Convert YouTube Video

I was trying to do this for a youtube video. I dont know if I am doing this right but somehow it won't work.

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It had the youtube running program already on it. I must be missing something but if I cant even double click it to get it to open to see what its like by the way it doesnt have no KB on it. Am really confused and sorry to make this a long question. Hopefully someone is able to help me. So confused. Thanks so much I did this procedure for years and the last 6 months have NOT been able to down load anything with this methodology I guess I'll have to find an application to do downloads during the future.

I know this used to work with older versions of Safari, but I'm currently using 5. Any thoughts? For this to work with the latest Safari, hold down option while double clicking in the activity window. Method still works in Lion Safari v5. All this shift-option-A on the YouTube window is nice, but it only gets me 90kb of a file, then quits and doesn't show it anywhere. I run I'd love to use Safari. Thanks so much.

Thx for the tips! I like! I followed all the instructions, but got hit by a new error that I did not experience before. On the download box, I am getting the following error: "downloading 0 bytes of? The file I am trying to download is an MP4 file not. FLV Any hints?

How to Download YouTube Videos to/on Mac for Free - EaseUS

Thank you for your advice. But what if I want to download from a site other than youtube. I have used this method of finding the video in the Activity window for 1 or 2 years now, but just within the last month or so I can't find the video file with MB sizes anymore! Reviews Current version All versions.

Top 15 Best YouTube Downloader for Mac (macOS Mojave included)

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Pros Easy to understand and plenty of video format options Cons I have no issues Summary Highly recommend it. Pros Nothing, because after pasting the link and different versions of the link "Analyze" did nothing. Cons It didn't work for me. Summary The program didn't even try. Pros I tried to find some, failed Cons Quit working after 6 downloads, ended up uninstalling the program Summary Junk. Pros easy to use, very intuitive. Cons no cons found.

How to Download YouTube Videos to/on Mac for Free

Pros have options for output video formats Cons not a fan for the interface. Results 1—5 of 5 1. Please Wait.

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