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In the notification, click Show and choose a replacement font.

Mini Tutorial: Open up! (When documents won't open)

Close a document but keep Pages open: Click the red close button in the top-left corner of the Pages window, or press Command-W. All of your changes are saved. Open an existing document in Pages Do any of the following: Open a document on a Mac: For a Pages document, double-click the document name or thumbnail, or drag it to the Pages icon in the Dock or Applications folder. Close a document Do one of the following: Close a document but keep Pages open: Click the red close button in the top-left corner of the Pages window, or press Command-W.

Opening Adobe PDF Files for Macintosh Users

Open the document on the first device wherein the error message occurred. The file should now open without a hitch. Fixing keynote macos An easy way around this is as follows: Email the the zipped compressed copy of the file. Export file to previous version. Highlight the file, and then click on File option, and then click "Export To" and choose an older version to export to, and then save the file. Email the exported file. If the problem still persists, move on to the next step.

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Convert the problematic file to PDF, Word, etc, and then email it. Basic Troubleshooting for Keynote macos How to download and reinstall Keynote for macos If the app remains running, use the "Force Quit" option in Activity Monitor Open launchpad, type in Apple Keynote in the search box, and then click and hold the Keynote icon until it begins to wiggle and an "X" button appears on the left upper corner of the Keynote icon Tap the "X" button, and select the delete button in the dialog box that pops up to uninstall the app Open Apple store on the device, enter Keynote on the search box, and follow the download prompts to download and reinstall keynote for macos Free Download.

How to Fix. Thanks for choosing a trial of PDFelement. The download should begin automatically.

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Volume Licensing Program. I have to force the app to shut down. All the other office apps are working fine. I downloaded the latest version of Mac OS. What should I do to fix this?

Open a PDF in Preview on a Mac

I upgraded mac to high sierra All other office products open. Word just bounces and nothing happens. MS Office on Mac. Updated mac to high sierra If you are starting from shortcut on desktop Try moving to trash and start from app's folder. Hope this helps you out, please provide as much information as you can for what you have tried. For example, how, what happened, error messages. I've tried opening word from documents, from the application folder, the dock shortcut.

As I said, I don't get any response whatsoever. No error message. It sounds like you need to repair the installation. This is a separate process on PCs, but on the Mac This is a persistent problem for me too. No matter what updates I make, I have trouble getting Word and Excel to open. It takes a good hour to get them running sometimes. It's been going on for half a year now, and I can't find a solution besides never buying a mac ever again. It's the only thing that's worked for me. Now my chrome is doing the same thing, nd this fix works for that as well. Hi Rochel. My Mac is not connected to a fixed line and not the Wifi.

It will be a pain to disconnect it every time I have to open an office app but will try that. Problem is that this happens intermittently. Where are the brains trust of Microsoft and Mac. There are over views of the original post. Oh my, yes I can see that would be annoying. It seems they've dropped the ball on this one. I've had this issue for months and clearly lots of other people as well. I saw in another thread that the new update should've included a fix, but after updating, I was sadly disappointed.

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Firstly thank you so much Francisco for identifying this link! I wanted to let you know that this solution worked for me and I didn't even have to uninstall Sierra, just Office Turning Wifi off before opening Word did solve the problem for me, and now I'll try to figure out what the real issue is. Thank you! I had this problem with powerpoint so I reinstalled , then every office app wouldn't open unless I opened a file.

Editing a .docx file on Mac

I spent hours on searching for the answer and found this worked:. It opens on all of my devices except my MacBook. I have everything on the cloud and waited for it to finish loading. Everything seems to work except my Office through MCC. I tried running disk utility repair. No problems there. I am using High Sierra. I have a problem with the mojave download and word but it's kinda the opposite. I installed Mojave last Thursday on my mac desktop on which I have word and excel for Mac. A short time later I was editing a document in word and sent it to print.

It closed down. I opened it again, it closed down. Then I got a message referring to the 32 bit vs 64 bit issue. I went on Microsoft and downloaded the "fix" to make my word and excel 64 bit on my mac. Works great, however, now I cannot open and Pages documents whatsoever. Every time I try to open a Pages document, I get the message, "The document "document name" couldn't be opened". When I try to open Word the icon bounces but do not open. I tried to reinstall the Office aplication but the problem persists.