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The usual "open a support ticket" routine ensues, and you are bound to waste the next few days waiting in line. I freed myself of all of that by establishing my workflow outside Evernote: Markdown text files and folders. I just use whatever the best tool available at the moment to edit my data in open format. I no longer need to spend time tinkering and worrying about what the future might hold for Evernote. I don't even need to worry about figuring out a way to import my data into another roach motel bucket app.

These apps all come and go, so you are better off keeping all your data in open format as much as possible. You might think that the file and folder method is clumsy, but I haven't missed Evernote at all.

I can keep tags inside a text file or in file names, and Spotlight can pick them up. Sure, my method isn't elegant, and it lacks some conveniences Evernote affords. But it works everywhere where the OS has a basic search function, and I can use any apps I like to work with my data. Rock-solid predictability and reliability is more important than some non-essential conveniences Evernote might provide. Like 4. Have you tried Bear? It's a note-taking program based on Markdown.

Note that OneNote still doesn't have a proper to-do function with alarms though :. Odysseus, yes I have, but unfortunately, it is just another roach motel just like Evernote. I would use it if it could work with any standard folders and files.


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Furthermore, I tried importing text files in a single folder, and Bear kept crashing on me. It seems to me that people spend a lot of time and effort moving from one everything bucket to another. Why should I when I could just keep everything in files and folders?

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No matter which of those "everything bucket" type solutions I looked at they all either has a proprietary file format, or they require or highly recommend you to use their own apps to work with your data. And Bear. I found BoostNote, which is cross-platform and keeps your files on your local machine or cloud storage. It's Open Source and actively being maintained.

It does what you're doing with MD markup and will store files in the cloud.

Great for keeping notes whether it's for personal things or work-related. Being able to customize notes makes it that more fun to jot things down on the go. There were a few glitches recently but after they had their last update it seemed to work a lot better than it had been. Would recommend Evernote if taking notes is part of your daily routine. I've been a Premium user for three years now.

During that time, I tried other solutions, but I kept coming back to Evernote because it is uniquely useful. Competitor tools treat Evernote as a note-taking tool and try to beat it at that. The problem with such comparison is that Evernote has long time evolved away from being just a note-taking tool. It has become a knowledge sharing ecosystem, a type of universal file system where you can mix multiple media types and store them in a single entry. A new entry can record audio, scan in pictures, and record formatted text all at the same time in one place.

You can organize all related information for various scenarios meetings, classes, etc. Evernote's web clipper is incredibly useful. I have not found any other alternatives that are as robust and feature-rich as Evernote's clipper. I use it all the time to create a personal archive of various topics. It is also available everywhere; switch to another device, install a fresh copy of Evernote, and you have your entire digital world synced for you in a matter of seconds, and ready for you to start working.

It's incredibly useful. Context matters, too.

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Sure, you can sync a pile of files via iCloud or Dropbox, but raw data without the context is just, well … raw data. It is the context that turns data into knowledge, and Evernote helps me establish a web of context among the data I collect in it.

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It is why I once tried to manage everything in a pile of plain text files and miserably failed. And so many apps and services can connect to Evernote's APIs, so it can act as a hub of every knowledge I need to maintain. Strongly recommended. Like 5. I regret that this old and outdated review ended up in the "Most Helpful Reviews" section. Things have changed for worse for me after writing it; WebClipper became buggy and slow, Exporting note chokes on me repeatedly hence vendor lock-in of my data , and the desktop app has become one big bloated buggy mess.

I quit using Evernote a while ago and embraced minimalism. I'm not the only one saying this. Look through the official Evernote Support Forum, and you will find numerous complaints. I'm in the same boat as you - used to rely on Evernote for so much of my information.

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However, with the hike in pricing and the increasing unreliability of the app, I too have gone elsewhere. Scott Gazman What have you both switch to? I agree that Evernote has become a disappointment. Odysseus, I originally switched to Notebook by Zoho , but have recently started using Bear again and really liking it.

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I don't see myself ever going back to Evernote. Bear seems really nice, but the fact that it's Markdown-based would seem to be very limiting, especially for pages captured from the web. Odysseus I just use files and folders with all data saved in generic, open formats. I gave up finding a software solution for this.

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Bear was somewhat compelling, but it kept choking on importing several thousand text files. These guys come and go all the time, and I am utterly unwilling to commit my data to any of them. People waste so much time trying to figure out how to migrate their locked-in data from one solution to another. He eventually figures it out, but again, there is no guarantee that this type of migration would always work. ALL "Everything Bucket" solutions will suffer from this type of gotcha at some point.

Use it almost every day for personal notes, for job, for keeping important information. Simple, clean and free. Like 8. I used to stick with Evernote but after constant inconveniences I had to get rid of it, removed all my data from it etc. I think this could be a great application if the devs heard the people. When I encounter bugs, or see my data recorded not the way I intended, I just start feeling insecure about keeping all of it in this one application. Sorry folks. I was wondering how would it work with Sierra, but it's pretty good.

Had some troubles with reinstalling it on the new OS, however, now it's cool, I can go on creating and storing my notes in one safe place and share them with my family. Brought great convenience to me. Works well in OS X There is a lot of competition out there Whether the monthly fee is worth its value depends on individual preferences.

So I now will be have to look elsewhere as my limited needs don't justify the fee and I will keep on using multiple devices. Farewell Evernote. Experienced different apps creating notes, but Evernote seems to be the best one. Actually it's very simple to use. All my family use this app when it comes to sharing the shopping lists. My husband also uses Evernote to access share documents with his business partners. This is a really great thing! Try it and you will never leave it. It couldn't be better. Clear design, simple navigation quite easy to use.

I'm really happy to switch to the app from the web version. It gives you more freedom and control. Use it all the time. Syncs with my iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows. What more could you ask for?