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What this can achieve is it can be regarded as a way to indicate our freedom in that particular system. Blue — You can do anything you want, Sky is the limit.

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Green — do your development as expected green signal. Orange — Testing time! Slowdown usually a stop on the coding front.

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Red — Oh oh! Need to be careful while making code by transporting or data changes. I wish you a colorful and cognizant SAP experience! Personas is great for creating a streamlined user experience, simplifying transactions and automating some or all of a process.

When working with Personas scripting, though, you need to remember that ultimately you are driving a standard SAPgui transaction with the script and you need to be prepared to deal with things going wrong.

For example, in my blog Transaction-free lookup with Personas I describe a technique for looking up a functional location description given just the location code, but doing that directly from the SAP start screen without having to directly run the transaction IL The script in that blog, though, does no error checking. If you try and look up a functional location that doesn't exist, the script will fail and leave the user looking at an unfamiliar screen and an error message. That's not in-keeping with the aim of improving the user experience!

Here is the same concept implemented for cost centres. The first lookup in this video succeeds and displays the description as expected. The second tries to lookup a non-existent cost centre. Here, KS03 will issue an error message and remain on the selection screen.

How to Install SAPGUI 7.20 rev 5 on Mac OS X 10.9.4 Mavericks

The script detects this and displays an error message back on the start screen rather than failing in an unexpected to the user place. How you go about this in a Personas script depends very much on the nature of the underlying transaction.


For this cost centre example I use a trick described by vandana deep in this discussion: How do you deal with variable screen flow in a Personas script? Here's the script. So far, so straightforward. The first two steps clear some fields on the start screen - the description and the error fields.

SAP GUI (FrontEnd) Download, Install & Configure for Windows

Clearing the description field will be important later. Then the usual "Refresh Screen" action you need before examining the new screen contents. Next we check for the existence of a label that will only exist if we're displaying an actual cost centre. If found, copy the values we want and go back and paste them on the start screen. If not, issue an error message. There are a couple of problems here.

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First, while you can use "IF is not empty" on a label to see if the expected screen is being displayed, you don't seem to be able to use "IF is empty" to see if it is not. At least, that doesn't work for me. Instead, here I check the description field. Remember that we cleared it right at the start? If it is still empty now then we must have not found a valid cost centre and that's my trigger to issue the error message. The other problem I have more generally with trying to build error-proof scripts is that Personas scripting does not yet? One thing I generally do with all scripts like this is simply not do anything at all if the cost centre field, in this instance, is empty.

There's no point in looking up nothing. But if I do that, I currently can't have any other error checking. Described above, then, are some techniques you can use to make your Personas scripts more error-proof and so improve the user experience not just when things are going right, but when they go wrong also. I have created different flavours for the same transaction and would like to access each one of them from a click of a different button on the same screen.

I understand I can have only one default flavour. How can I specify which flavour to call for the same transaction when I am clicking a particular button? I checked the button properties. Couldn't relate anything to specific flavour. Could you help me? It just will not install for me. I have a little over PCs to upgrade, mainly from v7.

The end result has now been the same on 22 out of 24 attempts. The installation finishes with errors always and when I try run the software I get the following message:. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem". I have raised this issue with SAP, followed a long list of instructions whilst some debugging software is running to collect data.

I've sent the log files to them to which they reply and tell me that the log file states the software was installed correctly. And besides, even if it did, it's unacceptable to have to perform these actions taking over an hour to install the latest GUI over times!! The 2 out of the 24 that worked were identical to 6 of the PCs that failed both in hardware and software, even down to Windows Updates!

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There seems to be no pattern. I'm still in playing mode rather than developing productive flavors, trying to learn how Personas works. One thing that puzzles me is how the IF actions work. My concrete example is a simple one - I have a field labeled "Username" on my login screen, a script button labelled "Name", and two more fields labeled "First name" and "Last name", like this:. A quick user lookup function. But when the field is blank I'd like it to do nothing rather than have SU01D fail with a "user doesn't exist" error. Either protect the whole script with an "if not empty" or have an "if empty then abort" at the top.

I don't see how to do either, at the moment. I'm currently working on a Screen Persona project for a large Dutch client and really challenging Screen Persona's. I'm trying to simplify the transaction MK02 change vendor master by bringing data from several different places to the main "Display Vendor: Address" screen of the transaction. Ultimately the transaction will be called by a script initiated by a button on SMEN, and that script will pull all the data together before giving the user control. I'm doing pretty well with this so far, but have hit a problem with the blocked and deleted flags.

These are accessed via the "Extras" menu, and the "Blocked data" and "Deletion flags" options. I can navigate to those screens and do a "Copy Value" on each checkbox, but I always seem to get the value "False" whether the checkbox is checked or not. At least, when I paste the copied value into a text field, that's the value I get. Is there something different I need to do to get the value of a checkbox?

And then I want to replicate these checkboxes on the initial screen. I've created some new checkboxes with appropriate labels.