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History of Mac OS X

If you want to clear out the browsing history :. Clearing the history removes history, cookies and other browsing data. If your iOS device is signed into your iCloud account, the browsing history will be removed from other devices that are signed in.

How to delete web browsing history on Mac

Share Pin Email. Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Updated February 20, Click the Safari icon in the dock to open the browser. Select the period you want to clear from the drop-down menu. Options are: The last hour , Today , Today and yesterday , and A ll history. Click Clear History. How to Use a Private Window in Safari.

How to Recover Deleted Safari or Chrome Browser History on Mac

When you're logged into the same iCloud account from multiple Apple devices, iCloud will sync your Safari browsing history across the devices. Sometimes, however, your devices can get out of sync and waiting around for iCloud to catch up can be frustrating. The first thing you need to do is enable a hidden Debug menu in Safari using a Terminal command.

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Or you can search for "Terminal" on Spotlight. Press return, then open Safari. If it worked, you should see a new "Debug" item in the menu bar at the top of your Mac's screen.

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  • Click the "Erase" tab and select the "Erase Free Space" button. When you delete items from your hard drive, the date stays on the hard drive but becomes invisible to you. The erase free space option writes over the data several times with numbers, essentially using blank data to make it impossible to recover your information.

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    Set the slider to "Fastest" to perform a quick erase of all your files. Set the slider to "Most Secure" to overwrite your hard drive seven times.

    Or, choose the middle point on the slider to get a good compromise between a fast erase and the most secure option. The higher value you choose, the more times the free space on your hard drive gets overwritten by "blank" data. The Fastest option on the Disk Utility slider writes over the hard disk using zeros and does only one pass. The middle 3-pass secure erase option writes over your data three times. It provides more security than the Fastest option but takes three times as long to complete.

    How to force sync Safari history across all your Apple devices

    The 3-pass option meets the Department of Energy standard for deleting data. The Most Secure option on the Disk Utility slider writes over data seven times and uses a combination of ones and zeros.

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    • This option uses the Department of Defense If you receive a warning that you are running low on disk space while erasing the free space on your Mac, you can safely ignore the warning. This occurs as the procedure nears completion. If you have an SSD drive in your Mac computer, you don't need to and can't overwrite the free space on your computer.