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How would I control the flow of data to my speakers. This is suppose to work. What am I doing wrong. I received a video movie from a postproduction company. To approve the file, I need to listen to the dolby tracks. The dolby digital works fine when I unckecked the dolby compression option.

Convert Audio to AC3 and Add AC3 Audio Codec to Video

Only stereo. Still stereo. Form is loading Comment feed for this post. Nerd Life. Technology b2evolution. March How to get AC-3 5.

If still not, the problem is either the cable or the mode selected on your receiver :p Now, what if you want to convert your DVDs to files on your terrabyte harddrive? This entry was posted on Mar 11 at by admin and is filed under Mac stuff. Tags: 5. Comment from: Laurie [Visitor]. Any suggestions? Comment from: admin [Member].

Comment from: Laurie Sosna [Visitor]. Anything like that happen to you?

AC3 decompressor component for QuickTime

What ever. Hi Francois… Thank you for a great tip! Comment from: christian [Visitor].

Comment from: satya [Visitor]. Comment from: Marcus [Visitor]. Ahh awesome! I have been hunting around for an exact how-to tutorial.. I am picking up my first mac today and was a bit unsure about 5. You eased my worries and I will try it out when I bring my new mac home! Comment from: Larry [Visitor]. Maybe this is new in Snow Leopard?

I have no clue since this is my first Mac. Comment from: Tino [Visitor]. And … … I hear the same noise described above : Using the AC3 testfile from above, I only hear a chattering voice and a loud and partly high pitched noise - but through the correct channels! Ah, yes, the Quicktime volume slider is a its right end. Do you have any idea what I could do? Try 2ch bits! I recently found that It was sometimes necessary to set to 16 bits. Comment from: yaseen [Visitor]. Comment from: kevin [Visitor]. Comment from: Bill Lyon [Visitor]. Comment from: DreamConjuror [Visitor].

Convert MKV (audio:AC3,EAC3,DTS,TrueHD) to MP4 Free on Mac [2/2]

Francois, I do not know if I can convey the number of hours I have spent on this. I still could not get everything. So for some reason I did another search and found this page. Thank you so very much. But I did encounter yet more problems with surround and stereo on my Mac. Comment from: Ben [Visitor]. Thank you for this excellent tip! So let me see if I have this straight: After I install Perian, does DISabling passthru mean that my laptop will now decode the AC3 signal and then send it straight out to plug-n-play 5.

Hope that made sense, and thanks again! Comment from: Zoran [Visitor].

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Comment from: Drew Marshall [Visitor]. Comment from: Matt [Visitor]. Comment from: serr [Visitor]. Comment from: Dave Green [Visitor]. Comment from: NAZ [Visitor]. Thank you very much. Comment from: cheap outdoor gear [Visitor]. Well thanks i was looking for this how to get surround out of it :. Comment from: Chris H [Visitor]. Comment from: Johan [Visitor]. Hi Francois Did you make it work with SL I tried the settings described above and I only get some stereo sound PCM on my receiver. Comment from: David [Visitor]. Comment from: admin [Visitor]. Comment from: Kris Van de Sande [Visitor].

I had the same problem and googled solutions to find you. It works! Thank you soooo much! Comment from: Floris [Visitor]. Comment from: Ace23 [Visitor]. Comment from: monasun [Visitor]. What am I doing wrong any ideas? Comment from: Inaxio [Visitor]. Comment from: Thierry [Visitor]. It is not available under any other licensing terms, not even for substantial amounts of money. The codec status page has the complete list and is updated daily.


How to Convert AC3 to AAC Easily on Windows/Mac

See the video card section of the documentation for more details. MPlayer comes with a GUI that is not built by default. The GUI section of the documentation explains how to enable it. Quite possibly your bug is already known and fixed, even though it may still be present in the version you are using. Furthermore, please read all of the documentation that comes with MPlayer. Solutions for most problems can be found there. If you are confident that your problem is a real bug in the current version, dive into the bug reporting guidelines and follow the instructions.