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In addition, the messy cables lying around may get extremely annoying. This is where Chromecast makes its entry to lighten up your movie streaming experience. It allows users to cast their smartphone or tablet screen to a TV by the simple click of a button. If you have not already heard about Chromecast, chances are you have been living under a rock. However, there is a first time for everything, and we would not want you to make the journey of using Chromecast alone.

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Installing Chromecast to view Popcorn Time on a bigger screen requires no rocket science. Simply visit the following URL http: The website will direct you to the download page for the MAC-compatible Chromecast application. After the software downloads, hit the install button, and then configure Chromecast.

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You will have to select your country, connect to the same Wi-Fi network, and change the input of your TV until you get a connection. Once done, install the Cast Extension for Chrome. This will be available with the latest version of the browser. Now, all you have to do is open the Popcorn Time application from the popcorntime. This will display Popcorn Time on your larger TV screen. Using Chromecast to stream Popcorn Time from your Android device is incredibly easy.

Popcorn Time Chromecast – Introduction

After the installation process is complete, open the app. You will now see the Chromecast icon, on the top right corner of the application. Select the desired beaming device from the list available. When it comes to using Popcorn Time via Chromecast on Windows, you have two options. You can either choose to follow the same steps above for MAC:. If this one seems too much of a hassle, you can always opt to cast Popcorn Time via your Google Chrome browser.

The secret is to click on a film or television episode, which will then present you with a number of options. Like on the Android app, you can view a synopsis of the film, along with an IMDB link, a user ranking, the option to add the content to your bookmarks, and the health of the stream. Clicking Watch Now will allow you to start playing back content immediately, but it has its limitations generally.

Typically, selecting your video player is done by clicking on the Butter icon next to Watch Now, which will display a menu of playback devices. A cursory glance at the Popcorn Time subreddit will prove that Chromecast support can be a bit buggy on PC, with plenty of users reporting difficulties getting the icon to appear. It seems that not every Chromecast works perfectly, but changing your Chromecast name and diving into the settings can often help ensure that your Chromecast is picked up by your device.

The crew that services that network has a habit of being pretty helpful when it comes to basic troubleshooting, and should be able to solve any recurring issues with Chromecast once you provide details on your network setup, your version of Popcorn Time, and any other helpful information.

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  • Any veteran users of Popcorn Time can tell you that streaming their content, while normally an easy solution and alternative to downloading each piece of content, can also be a bit frustrating. That said, Popcorn Time allows any user to download the content right to their device by using the magnet link in the top right corner of every film.

    How to Stream Popcorn Time to Chromecast

    Once you have qBittorrent installed to your device, clicking that magnet link will automatically launch the app on your device so long as you followed standard installation instructions and made qBittorrent the default for magnet links. When the film finishes downloading, you have a few options for what to do next. You have the full video file stored on your PC, which means you can use a Chromecast-enabled video player. Both of those platforms work well enough, but if you want to take it to the next level, you can also take your locally downloaded content and place it into a full-fledged streaming platform using Plex.

    Setting up Plex is as easy as downloading the service to your computer and installing your server, and once you add your content to your client, you can use the web client inside of Chrome to stream directly from your Plex server to your Chromecast. As long as you set qBittorrent to download automatically to the same folder you use for your Plex server, Plex should be able to automatically update your library when changes are detected. Are you more interested in trying to use the mobile Popcorn Time app to broadcast your favorite movies and television shows from your network to your television?

    Do you want to try using the basic Popcorn Time PC application to cast automatically, without any extra work on your part? Or would you rather download your films and television episodes to your computer, which solves any buffering issues but requires manual content deletion and the patience to wait for your download to finish before watching your content? In our eyes, the mobile Popcorn Time app is the easiest way to stream content from Popcorn Time to your television, considering the lack of additional software and the interface for the mobile app being much-improved over the basic desktop app.

    However, when it comes to streaming it to Chromecast, it demands a different method. You can use Chromecast as a media player with various devices. The main benefit of streaming Popcorn Time to Chromecast is you will be able to watch movies and videos on your TV.

    Popcorn Time App Mac Windows Linix Free TV & Movies

    Simply use the method below to stream Popcorn Time to Chromecast. Download the Airflow app on your Windows-based Computer.

    If you want to use subtitles you can use the online search option. AirFlow app will automatically find the subtitles for your movie.


    How To Use Popcorn Time with Chromecast

    Below are the steps on how to stream Popcorn Time from Mac to Chromecast:. Start the Popcorn Time app on your Mac and go to Settings. Change the caching folder to Desktop, Downloads or any other folder. If you want to download subtitles for your movie, you need to use the online search method. Just select the language and AirFlow will automatically find the correct subtitles for this movie. Basically, there is no any direct method of streaming Popcorn Time to Chromecast.

    You will have to use some application tools to complete this process.