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There is no error message of any kind and I can find nothing in the console log. A small question. In my version this happens to every other layer some text layers, shape layer, pixel layer etc.

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  2. First, you need to start Registry Editor..
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Is it a bug or some feature? Hi Christopher, Not a new behavior. Any time a layer name is too long to fit it switches to a font to show more characters. I am having the same problem with keyboard shortcuts not working, or working only sporadically. Clicking on keyboard shortcuts frequently results in no action, or in PS selecting the previous tool I used.

Have you accidentally enabled Mouse Keys? If so, uncheck it. You should create a partition and install Yosemite and your software to make sure it works nicely for you needs with your hardware and drivers. There is a black icon like terminal icon. Also i update Yosemite at home and all my files are ok.

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  • descargar virtual wifi router para mac.
  • No problem found on my personal computer. I hope you could help me there is a very important information I have from my work. Tranberry, I appreciate the support. Will the solution offered in this link http: I think Adobe has a file sharing issue with Yosemite. We share files at work from Mac to Mac.

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    We all have Yosemite now. Everything works fine with other non adobe apps. Anyone have the same issue?. Hi Just updated to MacOS I needed to install Java SE6 to get it to work. Now photoshop will open. Trouble is when I use the file info for a caption. The only thing you can do is quit photoshop. As a workaround I use photomechanic for all the caption work and photoshop CS3 for color adjustment.

    How To Use Fontographer and import text to editors

    Anybody have a idea to fix the caption part in CS3? I have recent upgraded my system to Yosemite on my MBP. I want to bring back my life as soon as possible, I will install this OS update after these bugs are fixed. You should only use this version of Java on Yosemite: I had to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop CS5 and apparently it is working now. Thanks for your help! No, Photoshop CS will not run on Yosemite. It was written for Power PC processors. Your best bet is to upgrade to a version that will run on modern hardware and OSes: Got it working Ps5 , but now, when I close the program it informs me that it cannot save my preferences.

    I have done a reinstall, a restart or three, tried to find the preferences file in the user Library, but nothing is working. Does anyone know of a workaround on this? Sounds like a permissions issue. Try creating a new Admin user account and run Photoshop from the new user account to see if the problem goes away: Then you can log into adobe. Is creative Suite 6 compatible Yosemite?

    Download typetool 3 serial number

    I am currently running maverick and CS6 and was unsure if I should upgrade or not. I also recommend that you do a clean install of the OS and your software. I see far too many issues introduced via upgrade and with user migration assistant. With all due respect, it would be great if Adobe could put up a software compatibility page.

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    Something that can enable us to determine compatibility with Yosemite etc. Having to go fishing in the inter-web and reeling in spare tires and plastic bags is no fun. Thanks, Don. Like this? I click on it and theres nothing there. Please help.

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    This is the correct link: MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Mid 2. I have a document created on mavericks which works flawless there. But moving about ONE group containing 10 layers takes about 6 minutes. All apps I have incl.

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    But Photoshop is really suffering a whole lot. I keep a Mavericks Partition for this exact reason so I am not in a dilemma here… but to claim that the current version of photoshop is a good performer on Yes, Photoshop will launch and create a new document for you. But there is a little bit more to being compatible than that. What troubleshooting steps have you tried? If you save a copy of your current prefs and restore them does the problem go away? Have you tried restoring your prefs, then enabling the rulers again?

    That resolved the initial problem. However, Photoshop performance is now close to cardiac arrest. Any ideas or suggestions? I only use one central drive so scratch disk is local. Would it help to partition or use external drive as scratch disk? I welcome any advice that may help as this is having a huge impact on productivity.

    Does anybody know where I can find a solution to the problem of keyboard shortcuts not working consistently? Seems there is a dearth of information on this on the net. Is it possible to uninstall Photoshop CC and reinstall it? Are you using a wacom tablet? Is your driver up-to-date? Is Photoshop up-to-date? Altrimenti cosa dovrei fare? I have a glitch with Photoshop CS5 running on Yosemite.

    Photoshop & Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)

    It was the same with Mavericks and after a full Hard drive wipe and reinstall, which failed to rectify the problem, I hoped the upgrade to Yosemite would fix it but no luck. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you. Is there any way to get around this or get an updated version of Photoshop for free that would work with my laptop?

    You would need CS3 or later. None are free.