Mac se 30 repair manual

Should I sell them individually?

I listed them together, have lowered price several times, and even offered free shipping. I have a k, and a k both with original carry case and boxes for every single part i. I bought them working from a nasa engineer a few months back, and have had them listed both on eBay under 1 listing, is that hurting my potential sale or is it the fact I only have some odd reviews?

Macintosh SE/30 won't boot

Would it be worth anything? I am willing to donate it if someone would want it. What do you think? In very good condition and in working order. Condition: Overall excellent, like-new condition. Computer, mouse, external floppy drive, and printer all work well.

More boxed Apple parts - desktop and laptop

Also have original boxes, though the one for the Mac is a little ragged, the one for ImageWriter II is in excellent shape. I have an eMac computer and an Apple Macintosh computer bag which is in good condition. I am wondering what they are worth and how to sell them. The computer is too big to fit in this computer bag. I am not sure if the computer is working at this stage. They belonged to my partner who died recently. He loved all things Apple. I have a working apple IIe, disk II, keyboard, printer, and all original disks.

Logic cards, motherboards, CPU cards, ROMS

I have some NeXt computers monitors and a printer. Any idea who would be interested in this??

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How much would an Apple Laser writer II go for that powers on and has the red paper feed light on? I have an apple computer with cover and all accessories. Model A2S How much is it woth? I have an eMac all white in essentially mint condition. It still works but does not have original packaging, keyboard or mouse. Any ideas on the value? Any comments? My dad has a Macintosh Performa with a mouse and keyboard with a style writer II printer in good condition.

Good condition on box. Not perfect on box. Looking for help on value and selling this.

Macintosh Classic II Repair

I have a mackintosh lcll complete with monitor and printer all mackintosh brand new in original packaging what is the value of it. I have an Apple Macintosh Classic in mint condition. What is a value of this computer? This is a great article. Do you see a resurgence of people collecting working Apple computers as long term investments, for instance an eMac model A? I imagine the lower the number of units produced the higher the value appreciation.

Additional Information

Would these be equally as valuable for parts? At present processing power seems the great driver of IT, though I wonder whether new ideas will decrease the need for processing power and allow for tech to evolve to allow interopability with old tech. I have an Apple 1 previously owned by an Apple developer. It is not functional. Will I have better luck selling it on ebay or contacting an auction house? If auction house, can you recommend the best for this type of product?

I have a PowerBook g4 laptop but it has a problem with the screen. At times everything will be covered in purplish blueish pixelated boxes that covers the screen. When I tried hooking up an external monitor, the same problem happened. Do you know a way to fix this? I have a Macintosh SE double disk but I don't have keyboard or cords and not sure if it works as I found it in my uncles garage when he passed away so I wanted to know how much or if it's worth anything it's dated at model number M with 1Mbyte Ram,Two k Drives. Any brands other than Apple will not increase value much.

I have a Performa I can't see it listed, it is in excellent condition I just checked it's still working has an old Quark and an old Photoshop app on it. What can I expect to get for it? Hi, I'm trying to find out how much a black Macintosh power PC is worth. Can any one help or point me in the right direction for advice. All in working order with box.

How Much Is Your Old Vintage Apple Mac Computer Worth?

Did you know that if you open the 1st edition Macintosh , All of the original designers have their signatures on the inside of the cover including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. I have an old iBook, still works, date on back is Mac OS 9. I don't know if I should ship it back to San Francisco, or throw it away. Its so pretty, blue clam shell I think. I hate to do that. I know nothing about computers, does it have any value?

Great condition. Works great! Still have the box. Just read that it will be discontinued and going into the Apple Vintage files this year. If it goes into the vintage category, how much do you think it would be worth? Where did you get your figures on the Apple in particular sold? According to Jobs, he told me that there were only built of which were actually sold. Jobs gave the others away to some of the early Apple employees.

Woz verified these figures also. I have owned 3 Apple 1 computers myself of which 2 of them were still functional. I am the original Owner.

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Excellent condition. Exact production date: October 11, Includes original power chords, interfact chords, 2 System Tools Discs, Hypercard floppy discs. Any thoughts here? I have Mac Performa unopened and sealed in box. How much is it worth? Thank you for your help!!! This article is for information about vintage computers only.

Your computer needs to have been manufactured before in order to place a value on it. I could have downloaded a 12Mb? My current iMac with 1 Terabyte internal drive can download , songs, some Classical ones 44Mb. What's it's value, working.

Also, my mouse does not work. I have a Color Classic that has a motherboard with a power PC in it, maybe from a power Mac I was wondering if that would increase the value and what you think I should ask for it. Also I don't have a working mouse for it, is there anyway to open system information with the keyboard?

I really don't know what kind of imac it is but I am pretty sure its a imac G3. How much do you think it's worth? It works and it has the og keyboard.