Scanjet 4600 mac os x 10.7

Inconvenient at best, but at least it works. Anyone else out there have any ideas or know if this is possible?

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Thanks, Deb. Deborah Oakley Posted: Hi Deborah Oakley Hi, I'm just a little confused here Old mac minis are pretty cheap Okay, so I see there's a little misunderstanding. I run it with a Mac driver written for PPC code Remove Rosetta and the scanner is, as you say, a large paperweight, simply because HP has chosen to not write a driver for this scanner for the newer Macs with Intel processors. Very bad of HP. What I like so much about this scanner is that it stands vertically vs. There's nothing like it on the market any longer, and thus my desire to keep it. If I upgrade to Lion, I lose Rosetta.

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I'm grasping at straws here to find a way to run it without having to launch Windows, but it's looking like that will just not be possible. I definitely will not be adding hardware to use an old scanner I'd bite the bullet and buy a new scanner before that. I think I'm just stuck with needing to use virtualized Windows. Not a killer but a definite pain.

But if anyone comes up with a brainstorm on this or would like to while her or his idle hours away writing a Mac system driver for the scanner! Alright, I've done some googling of my own this morning, hoping that some Ninja searching would turn up a bit more of hope for you.

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The HP Scanjet series looks awesome, too bad it's not really around anymore, I think I would have loved it! Anyway, after quite a bit of reading, I know we cannot help. CrossOver relies on the drivers your Mac has and without those working properly, CrossOver is not the solution for you. All of their solutions came up dry, quoting the same as your description above "not supported because of the need to use Rosetta to gain the PPC plugin". I then had another thought -and you'll have to forgive me as I don't use this software myself, so I'm suggesting something third hand- and after another spat with google, I've found someone who has accomplished it.

You can actually try it within your current setup to verify it works before you upgrade to Lion. The solution I found is here. The thread does mention some of the other possibilities I know it's not a trivial easy setup to get going, but once you have the machine up and running within your Snow Leopard OS, you should be able to back it up, upgrade to Lion and then restore the Snow Leopard Virtual Machine within your Lion box.

The advantage here is that you can have Virtual Box running as a guest operating system from your Lion system no rebooting! I do wish I had more experience with it, but I am not a Virtual Box power user so I can't offer more than lip service.

How to UPGRADE your mac from Os X Lion 10.7.5 to High Sierra

Of course we would love to have you as a customer, but first and foremost we want to see you get up and running whether it's using CrossOver or something else, in this case CrossOver is not the solution. I sincerely hope this helps you get your scanner running. Read my original post I use VueScan.

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  • Just bought a new iMac with OS X Mountain Lion. Scanjet 4600 will not connect. Any work arounds?!
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  • Hp Scanjet 4670v & Mountain Lion Mac Osx 10.8.2;
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  • But no, it will not work without a driver. Says incompatible right on the VueScan web site as well. Thanks so much for doing the digging on this.


    At least the Windoze driver is native. I whittled down the memory requirement for Win7 and the boot time is much faster, plus I can put it into suspend and it seems to work well OS X Lion includes drivers for many Epson printer and scanner models and these drivers can be used with your Epson product ensuring your printing and scanning experience is uninterrupted.

    Please note, upgrading to Mac OS X Lion may cause some Epson and third party software to become unstable and fail to work as intended. We ask that you check carefully the tabular information provided below, to ensure compatibility with your current software to enable you to make an informed decision prior to upgrading. Epson Scan supports both a local USB connection and, for network-enabled products, a Network connection.

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    Find a repair centre close. Kontakt Unesite svoje podatke za kontakt u nastavku i Epsonov stru? Note: Please note, upgrading to Mac OS X Lion may cause some Epson and third party software to become unstable and fail to work as intended.

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    Apple Software Update requires an active internet connection. Further updated drivers may also be delivered via Software Update as a package Epson Printer Drivers v. This list is subject to change without notice. It is possible that Software Update will display versions of the driver software newer than those listed in this article.

    follow link Many Epson drivers are supplied via Apple's Software Update and may already be installed on your system.