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You can optionally check the box to remember your password in your keychain.

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However, checking this box sort of defeats the purpose of requiring a password to open it. Double-click to open it and from there you add, access, or remove items, just like normal. The process you go through with the above steps creates a disk image of your folder.


So, nothing happens to your original. You can move it or delete it if you like and just use the password protected DMG file moving forward.

Unmounting the disk image is what keeps it safe and requires the password each time using the DMG file. Hopefully this tutorial will help you to keep your private items away from prying eyes.

How to Password Protect Files on a Mac (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to encrypt and password protect folders on Mac Sandy Writtenhouse on March 8, 0. You do it this way:. Select it and click the Image button. Click Save and Disk Utility will prompt you to enter and verify a password. Click OK and Disk Utility will create the encrypted image.

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  • You now have both the encrypted image and the unprotected folder. To access the contents of the encrypted image, double-click it, enter the password you assigned, and wait while the image mounts.

    How to Password Protect a Folder on a Mac

    If you need an encrypted container that can accommodate more files, consider creating an encrypted sparse image. Creating a sparse image. Sparse images are images of a user-determined size that consume only as much storage as is used by the content in the image. So, for example, you can create a sparse image that will hold up to 5GB of data. But you have the option to add another 4GB of data to it.

    How to Password Protect a Folder on macOS 10.15

    You create such an encrypted image this way:. From the Size pop-up menu pick a size that appeals to you or choose Custom and, in the sheet that appears, enter the size you like.

    Encrypting Folders With Disk Utility

    From the Encryption pop-up menu choose bit AES Encryption or the sterner but slower bit encryption. Name the image and click Create. Also as before, you should uncheck the Remember Password in My Keychain option.

    How To Password Protect a Folder on Mac