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  • Hello everyone,. T he association is launching a small contest, the person who sends the most screenshots and YouTube links to complete MorphOS-Storage on.

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    You can make a small signature on your catches to see that it's yours. All received captures can be placed in MorphOS-Storage. After each email received, I will update a list of participants and the screenshots uploaded. Apple gave its smallest Mac an aesthetic overhaul in , replacing the chunky, aluminium-and-white-plastic model with a sleek, aluminium-unibody model that was easier to upgrade, felt rock solid, and sported an SD-card reader and an HDMI port t Core i5 processor provides huge performance gains; impressive array of connectivity options, including Thunderbolt; aluminium unibody enclosure; improved graphics performance No optical drive; slow stock hard drive; inconveniently located SD-card slot When we reviewed the Mid Mac mini, we called it Apple's most versatile computer for those who didn't need workstation-level performance.

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    Without an optical drive, the mini may not be quite as versatile, but Core i5 processors mean that, for the While Apple has managed to reduce its Mac Mini This is without a doubt one of the most powerful mini computers out there. However, in the absence of any way of playing a DVD, let alone a Blu-ray, without using an external player, the Mac Mini can't be classified with other home cinema computers The Mac Mini may lack the glamour of the iMac or the stunning new MacBook Air models, but it's maturing into a very capable little machine.

    Apple's new Mac Mini gets a Sandy Bridge upgrade, turning it into a very able little computer Sure, it got a nice redesign, with a gleaming metallic, low-profile chassis and a new HDMI port that seemed like a belated attempt to try and repurpose the Mini as a media centre system. However, the hardwa However, cost-cutting decisions such as the removal of The Mac Mini is the latest Apple product to have its yearly makeover and, as always, the revamped range boasts a number of enhancements. V3 got its hands on the 2.

    No e-SATA, no keyboard or mouse A stylish and highly portable desktop replacement powerful enough to rival larger machines. Small businesses thinking about desktop upgrades will definitely want to give this a look, as it can work out cheaper than licensing Windows in the long run The lack of an optical drive, very limited upgradeability and the comparatively small base GB hard disk won't be ideal for some users. However, these are common traits of Apple's systems; but if your business requires the efficiency of a system wher Given the price and power it provided, the MacBook always seemed like the better choice.

    The model, however, has the power of an Intel Sandy Bridge processor inside, a Size, design, perfectly capable for regular computing tasks, HDMI SD card slot location is impractical While we feel that many will be tempted by the portable and now powerful MacBook Air, for those looking to fill that little corner of the computing life, the Mac mini is an elegant and reasonably affordable option The Apple Mac mini has long been the cheapest way to own a Mac. Since its introduction in January , the small form factor desktop Mac has offered a low-cost alternative to the all-in-one iMac or the high-end Mac Pro.

    Although it's sold without a keyboa Excellent new Sandy Bridge processors, Discrete graphics chip, Powerful and versatile Thunderbolt port, Superbly engineered, Comprehensive video-out options ForExcellent new processorsUSB 3. The slot-loading SuperDrive that once dominated the front of the machine is gone, leaving only an IR receiver for the optional remote control in its wa Great new processors, Discrete graphics on this model, Thunderbolt port, Compact and portable, Excellent engineering achievement No optical drive The new Mac mini is an excellent portable Mac or under-the-TV media centre, even without the optical drive.

    The new processors are incredibly powerful, and the Thunderbolt port is a very welcome addition. Outwardly, the computer looks identical to the previous model. Look more closely, and you find an electric-flash logo above the monitor c Significant speed improvement; larger hard drives; Bluetooth 4. There are still no true rivals, and the latest slew of performance updates ju Significant speed improvement; Larger hard drives; Bluetooth 4. Nothing significant We're always looking for a true contender to take on the Apple Mac mini as the perfect discreet desktop PC, or as a stylish, compact and quiet media centre PC for the lounge.

    There are still no true rivals, and the latest slew of performance updates just It's a familiar routine: Apple releases a new PC and a new version of Mac OS X, prompting massive excitement among its fans and knee-jerk derision from its opponents.

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    However, the new Mac Mini has introduced a number of genuinely interesting features The Mac Mini is the budget option — by Apple standards — and good starting place if you want to join the cult of Mac, but the lack of a disc drive is enough to rule it out for many users So farewell optical media What joy you brought us, with your CDs and high definition videos.

    How you lit up students' lives when they threw you in the microwave to see what would happen.

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    Apple is reprising its role as Auger of Doom f Still a beautiful computer, but USB 2. The Mac Mini has always been that runt you might buy if you couldn't afford any other Apple computer. Which is to say: it was the Apple computer you bought when you should have picked up a budget Dell or something.

    No longer. The model is a fantastic If you're OK with specs that are less than top of the line and don't want the design grace of an all-in-one iMac, the answer is absolutely yes. This is a small, fast, affordable thing. But be warned: you will find the rear-positioned jacks a pain Updates Gewijzigd: koop informatie Toegevoegd: motieven voor aankoop Toegevoegd: informatie over de verpakking onder "Algemene beoordeling".

    Toegevoegd: informatie Mooi vormgegegeven, zowel extern als intern, Snel en stil, Valt in de huiskamer nauwelijks op, dus niet storend aanwezig, Net zo klein als een mediaspeler, maar met alle mogelijkheden van een desktop computer Geen optische drive ingebouwd maar dat is iets persoonlijks , Geen installatie dvd voor OSX Lion bijgeleverd algemeen bekend , Onderklep laat zich nogal stroef verwijderen We kunnen u, zoals verwacht, alvast verklappen dat de Mac mini op alle fronten beter is dan z Snel, Geheugen eenvoudig uit te breiden, Compact Bij eventuele herinstallatie internetverbinding noodzakelijk, Geen SuperDrive meer De nieuwe Mac mini is wezenlijk sneller dan z'n voorgangers.

    Gelukkig i Een klein kastje dus, dat door de aluminium buitenkant heel luxe overkomt. De aansluitingen zitten aan de achterkant. Dat lijkt makkelijk, maar even snel een geheugenstick of externe schijf aansluiten gaat zo minder snel. De Mac mini wordt geleverd zond De Mac mini is een kleine computer die gebaseerd is op de techniek van een notebook.

    Daardoor is de Mac mini zuinig, maar niet zo snel als een grote, moderne desktop.

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    Net als alle andere Apple-producten is ook de Mac mini niet goedkoop. Alle aanslu Er zijn zaken waar Hardware. Info bezoekers een mening over hebben. Een ander merk wat de tongen los maakt is Apple. Het merk weet keer op keer te verbazen. Rugged Aluminum Housing —Portable protection for any environment. One or two cards, different lengths, different requirements—there's an Echo Express to meet your needs.

    The Echo Express II supports two half-length up to 7. Do you have a card in mind but aren't sure which Echo Express you need? The chart provides an up-to-date list of cards that have been tested to be recognized over a Thunderbolt connection and compatible with Thunderbolt technology requirements. For connected devices requiring extra power, 10 watts is provided through the daisy chain port to peripherals. Sonnet works closely with the following partners to ensure Thunderbolt compatibility for their products. Technical Notes. Specifications subject to change without notice. The entire experience is completely plug-and-play.

    Install the card, the appropriate drivers, and the combination simply works …. Sonnet Technologies deserves considerable praise for introducing us to the first Thunderbolt-based expansion chassis for PCI Express add-in cards. There's a three-slot Magma ExpressBox 3T available with a bigger power supply, but it's twin x8 and single x4 slot configuration doesn't handle graphics cards well.

    Upon receiving my first Echo Express Pro, I immediately noticed that the product has a well-thought-out, extremely well-built chassis….

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    After the success we've seen with these products for on-location audio download and playback, I'd say the Sonnet Thunderbolt solutions are sure to prove successful for many other applications as well. Expanding Outside the Box Sonnet harnessed the potential of Thunderbolt technology to enable you to connect high performance expansion cards to computers without expansion slots. Smart Design Inside and Out Constructed of rugged extruded aluminum, the outer shell of the Echo Express helps transfer heat away from installed PCIe cards and securely protects them inside.